Our Story

Jeff Severs, CEO and creator of KetoSips brings 10 years of experience in the health foods industry. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Jeff is grateful to be living amongst such a vibrant, health conscious community and is eager to contribute to its further growth and evolution. He thrives on the cutting edge of health and wellness and has been inspired by the benefits of the ketogenic diet.

With his unconventional lifestyle choices the subject of others’ curiosity, Jeff has been helping to spread the word about ketosis over the past 6 years since he began his journey with low carb, high fat foods. He has been developing tasty and healthy meals for himself and his family and now wants to share these homemade products with the everyone, so in 2018 Jeff launched his first product: KetoSips.

KetoSips is a brand of premium, blended vegetable soups. The recipes are formulated to be a convenient, tasty, and (most importantly) healthy way to help achieve nutritional ketosis. These delicious soups can be enjoyed by anyone who is seeking a nutrient dense, all natural food product that is low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. With an emphasis on using the highest quality ingredients and packaging, KetoSips aims to be “your key to health”.

Our Mission:

“To provide customers with foods and products that of are of the highest quality, and that can be trusted are beneficial to the health of the whole family.”

Our Core Values:

Customers and Employees First: We will treat customers and employees like family.

Environment: We will always operate our business with the environment in mind.

High Quality Products: We believe in using ingredients and materials of the highest quality.

Honesty and Integrity: We will conduct our business with honesty and integrity and there will be no room for compromise.

Passion: It is our passion for healthy living that drives our product development and growth.